Real-world programming interview question #1

As programmers, we like to solve problems. In school, we thoroughly enjoy working through solutions for our homework problems. When interviewing for a developer job, we have to solve some complex programming problems (on the spot). As software developers, we still work through complex problems, but suddenly our solutions have more weight because they are solving real business problems. I enjoy solving problems that come from real-world business context; I find that my motivation to solve these problems is greater. Today at work, I came across a problem and worked through a solution that reminded me of a challenging problem one might see at school or in an interview.

Here is the problem:

You are processing potentially thousands of units of inventory and you are writing code to take inventory data from a supplier and syncing it with a distributor. The inventory is comprised of rental properties which have restrictions on specific days that are ‘closed to arrival’ and days that are ‘closed to departure’. Unfortunately, the format that the supplier stores this information is very different from the format that the distributor’s API expects. It is your job to transform this data to be in the proper format for the distributor’s API to handle.

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