A simple guide to proper state management in React

A common problem developers are faced when working on a React application is figuring out the best way to manage state between all their components. I am not saying that it is difficult to manage state in React, I mean to say that it isn’t always easy to figure out which way is the bestContinue reading “A simple guide to proper state management in React”

The Best Productivity Tool for Taking Notes (in my humble opinion)

I want to start by saying that my thoughts here are as genuine as they come – I don’t run ads and I don’t have any affiliation to any of the product mentions in this post. I am simply someone who likes to try various productivity tools and have thus formed some opinions in thatContinue reading “The Best Productivity Tool for Taking Notes (in my humble opinion)”

Designing and Implementing a Ranking Algorithm

I recently had the desire and need to create a ranking algorithm for a side project I was working on. I wanted to keep both the design and implementation fairly simple for my project, so I think this post will be great for people wanting to get their toes wet. The ranking algorithm I ended upContinue reading “Designing and Implementing a Ranking Algorithm”